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Welcome to Kecol News, bringing you the latest news, views and developments from Kecol, the home of viscous pumping solutions..

Shrunken Powerprime

In a world where everything seems to be getting bigger , it was refreshing to receive an enquiry for something smaller than standard for a change.
The enquiry was to transfer hazelnut paste from small 25L pails and based on the viscosity, a Kecol Powerprime was the obvious choice. A mobile Mini Powerprime was designed and manufactured with two follower plates to suit the two differing diameters of pails.

Heavy Duty PowerPrime
Don’t forget we have a complete range of Pumps and Kecol’s Heavy Duty PowerPrime is ideal for delivering higher flow rates of higher viscosity products like Tomato Paste,
Kraft Heinz use the Kecol HD PowerPrime to empty single 200ltr drums in confines spaces where the articulated units are too large.
This pump was so successful that they now have 2 of them at work in their production unit.

Kecol Pumping Systems manufacture Power Lift, Power Prime, Maxi Prime and Mega Prime Stainless Steel pumps to be used as Transfer Pumps for Pastes and other High Viscosity Products that do not flow.

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