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Cosmetic Pumping Applications

Hygienic transferring and pumping systems for the cosmetic industry.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

Hygienic transferring and pumping systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Food Processing Pumps

Hygienic High Viscosity Transfer Pumping Systems for the Food Processing Industry

Food Processing Pumps, Cosmetics Pumps & Pharmaceutical Pumps

Welcome to the world of Kecol Pumps & Pumping Systems where we manufacturer Food Processing Pumps, Food Transfer Pumps, Drum Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Pharmaceutical Pumps, Viscous Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Corrosive Liquid Pumps & Cosmetic Industry Pumps


Food processing

Food Processing Pumps


Pharmaceuticals Pumps

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Industry

Pumping Systems, Designed & Manufactured  for the

Food Processing, Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Industries.

Viscous Pump Specialists

Pumping every day of the year – all around the world

Welcome to the Kecol Pumping Systems website – no. 1 in the manufacture and application of viscous pumps in the UK.

All Kecol viscous pumps and priming systems are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards at our premises in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. So no matter what the application you need –  Tomato Paste Pumps or Puree Paste Pumps to Batter-mix Pumps or Cosmetic Pumps for Face Creams and Pastes or Pharmaceutical Pumps for Syrups and Lotions, we can deliver the right solution and we support our customers with a worldwide distribution network.

Kecol Food Processing Pumps are the right answer when you want High Viscosity Paste Transfer Pumps, Pharmaceutical Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Corrosive Liquid Pumps or Viscous Pumps for the Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Quality & Experience

Ensures the most suitable solution

We are not just a website and a warehouse. Our experienced engineers will visit your plant and recommend a cost effective solution to your pumping problem that is guaranteed to work. Be it stainless steel, high pressure, drum pumps and barrel pumps for drum emptying or viscous pumps for the transfer of pasts and other high viscosity materials. We build the pumps ourselves in our own engineering plant in the UK so you can trust us to create the right solution for you.

Kecol Pump System

Transfering Muffin Batter from a Tonelli Mix Bowl

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About Kecol

Pumping every day of the year – all around the world

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd is the UK leader in the design & manufacture of Food Processing pumps and pumping systems, Our systems are designed for the transfer of high viscosity products for the Food Processing, the Cosmetics Industry & the Pharmaceutical Industries. We specialise in pumping systems from 200 litre drums, IBC’s, process vessels, planetary mixing vessels and similar containers. We are an ISO9001 certified company,

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Tecnica de Fluidos has been distributing Kecol systems in Spain for 20 years for all kinds of high viscosity products such as tomato, mahonesas, concentrated fruits, pastes and all kinds of fillings for industrial pastry.

Various types of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

“We value as the main advantage it’s ability to manufacture “custom” equipment and
end-customer requirements..”

Words from an important pharmaceutical customer that had a big problem for transfer vaseline from 200 kg of drums:

“Until now an employee had to take the product out of the drum by hand, when it was at a low level, they had to practically get inside to get to the bottom…. This resulted in repeated job leave due to back pain and was a safety Hazard… We bought Kecol Powerprime equipment and since then we have stopped having problems … it’s just fantastic ¡!!…”

Tecnica de Fluidos

Spin Pompen is the exclusive distributor of “Kecol pumping systems” for the BENELUX countries. The cooperation between Kecol and Spin Pompen has started in 2010.

Kecol Pumping systems proved to be a well experienced solution provider in pumps and systems for viscous products in food- pharma and industrial applications.

For us, Kecol is the perfect partner, that is willing to invest in the development of, special-and custom made solutions that comply with the demands in the markets we serve.

Spin Pompen B.V.

“Exonder S.r.l. has been the Italian exclusive distributor for Kecol unloading
systems for more than ten years now. We are very satisfied about the cooperation as, due to the flexibility of Kecol, we were able to develop a good number of new clever unloading solutions for drums and for different type of customized containers.

Our best seller up to now is the articulated Power Prime . This system allows  the customer to leave four drums on a pallet and emptying them one after the other with a big saving of time.”

Dott.ssa Valentina Airoldi

Manager BU Food & Pharmaceutical Applications, Exonder

“With innovative market leading solutions like the Articulated Powerprime system, it’s no wonder that Kecol are the solution specialists for viscous product pumping and evacuation from pails, drums and bulk containers !”
Wayne Lindsey

Food and Pharmaceutical Products Manager, Phillro Industries

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