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Painted construction Powerlift

 Drum Length pump tube in 316L stainless steel – available in & screwed construction & ‘Hygienic’ Clamp Type construction.


General Description

Kecol Powerlift is a single post pneumatic unit, mounted on castors and is primarily used to raise and lower Kecol drum pumps. The Powerlift is available in painted construction or stainless steel construction.


Typical Applications

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

Pumping Mascara, Petroleum Jelly, Face Creams, Magnesium and Aluminium Hydroxide, Toothpaste, Wax and Suntan Lotions, Medical Adhesives, Suntan Lotion, Hair Creams, Shampoo, etc.

Food Industry

– Fruit Juice Concentrates, Honey, Fruit Concentrates, Jams, Tomato Puree, Mayonnaise, Glucose, Butter and Meat Pie fillings with cooked vegetables.

Chemical & General Industrial

The transfer of, Paints, Resins, Adhesives, Polymers, Latex, High Viscosity Grease, Mastic’s and Inks

Features & Benefits

  • Avoids manual handling of the pump
  • Transfer products cleanly, quietly and efficiently
  • Avoids manual handling of product drums
  • Mobile unit
  • Can be modified to suit various vessels/containers

Painted Powerlift

Capacity: Up to 45 Litre/min

Solids: Up to 12mm Solids

Pressure: Up to 175 Bar

Ports: Available in BSP(F) and Clamp connections

Accessories: Trolleys – Adjustable Stroke Air Motors

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