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Paste Transfer Pumps from Kecol Pumping Systems.

Toothpaste has a high viscosity which can cause problems during the transfer process in manufacturing.
The main problem is the excessive product shear during transfer which can break the tooth-whitening cell sacs within the tooth paste. If the tooth-whitening material breaks down, then very little remains in the final packaged tubes for action on the users’ teeth.

Kecol manufacture a range of Paste Transfer Pumps, General Viscous Pumps, Drum Pumps, Barrel Pumps and Hygienic Pumps for the Food Processing Industry too. And our Air Powered Piston Pumps to suit standard and non standard Drums, Containers or IBC’s.

Call Kecol Pumping Systems for Perfect Transfer Pumps for Viscous Fluid and Pastes – efficient clean and quiet!
International supply & installation.

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Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd manufacture all types of food processing pumps for viscous and paste pumping.

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