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Kecol – The Home of Viscous Pumping Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Once we have the material to pump, in the drum, we use a follower plate to form a seal at the top of the drum which sits directly on top of the material to be pumped. We then use compressed air through the two cylinders to deliver a downwards force through the follower plate to push the viscous paste up into the suction chamber of the pump.

The additional pressure exerted on top of the viscous material, created by our maxi-prime pumps enables very high viscosity pastes which could not normally be pumped cold to  be handled by the Kecol Piston Pumps.

Once the container is empty the direction of the air cylinders is reversed, lifting the pump and follower plate clear ready for changing the drum or container.

Kecol Pumping Solutions manufacture and supply Viscous Pumps worldwide.