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Food Transfer pumps are used for the bulk transfer of liquids from vessel to vessel, removing the need for manual handling & maintaining a clean, hygienic process. Kecol designs and manufactures food transfer pumps designed to for minimal product degradation whilst maximising hygiene & ease of use. We manufacture single and articulated Food Transfer Pumps to help maximise the efficiency of your processes and keep inline with the size of your production line. Our transfer pumps are remote from the motors so they can be safely used in wet areas too.

Typical applications include oil & vinegar based dressings, soups & sauces, ready meals, coleslaw & wet salads, yoghurt & hummus, cake batter & frosting, peanut butter & jam, honey, caramel and many, many more.

Machine features

Stainless steel & FDA approved materials construction
Quick dismantle & reassembly times for cleaning
Fully adjustable speed controls
Readily available port for external level / feed control
All consumables available from stock

Our Food Transfer Pumps are ideal for the Food, Beverage and Bakery trades within the Food Processing Industry.

Kecol Pumps & Pumping Systems is a UK manufacturer with a worldwide distribution network. Please call +44 (0)1746 764311 or go online at www.kecol.co.uk