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The world has gone mad for hand sanitiser since the introduction of the Coronavirus and there are a few things that manufacturing industries need to be aware of with regard to their Chemical Liquid Pumps

Kecol are specialists in the Food, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Industries. Manufacturing pumping systems for hand sanitiser and similar products are part of our mainstream range. We stock hazardous Air Pumps and Electric Pumps for unloading hand sanitizer liquids and gels. There are a few key requirements when looking at a pump for alcohol based sanitisers and we strongly recommend speaking to our specialists prior to purchasing:

Chemical Compatibility:

We strongly recommend using Stainless Steel Pumps with PTFE seals when possible. Some plastic pumps are suitable if the plastic is conductive to avoid any static charge building up. The Stainless Steel Pumps casing will provide durability and chemical resistance for other chemicals should you use the Stainless Steel Pumps for other Chemical Liquid Pump for other liquids and gels in the future.

Alongside the hazard of alcohol, some Hand Sanitisers contain small amounts of  acids which can attack aluminium and other metals which is another reason we recommend Stainless Steel Pumps.

For elastomers, ethanol is aggressive and will eat away standard rubbers quickly which is why you should use PTFE with VITON elastomers.

Last but not least, if the product you are pumping will eventually come into contact with human skin, it is not good to use stained equipment again pointing us to the option of Stainless Steel Pumps.

Kecol Pumping Systems manufacture, supply and install with a worldwide distributorship. Please visit our website to find out more: https://www.kecol.co.uk