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Leaks during production that can have severe health consequences for plant workers and surrounding environments.
Chemicals are expensive to produce, leading to quality concerns and lost revenue if the end product is contaminated during production.
Equipment for demanding chemical process applications can be extremely expensive with limited performance life
Production time is critical to maintain—this requires quality equipment that is easy to repair with dependable service available.

The AODD pump, however, has proven itself as a market leader when it comes to reliability, versatility and ease of maintenance.
AODD pumps are one of the safest and most effective options on the market today, making them the optimal choice for handling many chemicals.
For more than 55 years, SANDPIPER has been a market-leading AODD pump manufacturer. We offer continuous innovation and provide the broadest range of the most reliable and durable AODD pumps to support an extensive set of markets around the world.
Kecol are proud to use Sandpiper Pumps in their bespoke Pumping Systems designed for Food Processing Pumps, Chemical Pumps and Pharmaceutical Pumping systems.
For more information on our range of pumps and applications, please contact Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd.
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