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Stainless Steel Maxiprime

Stainless Steel Maxiprime

Stainless Steel Maxiprime









For pastes & high viscosity products that do not flow
The main difficulty with pastes and high viscosity products that do not flow is that the pump cannot be primed and simply cavitates, pumping air instead of product! The solution is to use a Kecol Maxiprime twin cylinder pressure priming system in conjunction with a Kecol stubby type piston pump, maintaining a positive prime on the pump and thus ensuring that it does not cavitate. As the product level falls, the sides of the drum are wiped clean by the follower plate on the priming system.
Features & Benefits
  • Handles pastes up to 10,000 poise viscosity 'COLD'
  • Transfer products cleanly, quietly and efficiently
  • Eliminates Product Waste
  • Simple and Safe Operation
  • Polished Stainless Steel or Painted Steel Construction
  • Optional ‘Quick Strip’ Follower Plate Assembly

Typical Applications

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics - Pumping Mascara, Petroleum Jelly, Face Creams, Magnesium and Aluminium Hydroxide, Toothpaste, Wax and Suntan Lotions, Medical Adhesives, Suntan Lotion, Hair Creams, Shampoo, etc.

Food Industry - Fruit Juice Concentrates, Honey, Fruit Concentrates, Jams, Tomato Puree, Mayonnaise, Glucose, Butter and Meat Pie fillings with cooked vegetables.

Chemical & General Industrial - The transfer of, Paints, Resins, Adhesives, Polymers, Latex, High Viscosity Grease, Mastic’s and Inks.

Capacity: Up to 45 Litre/min

Solids: Up to 12mm Solids

Pressure: Up to 175 Bar

Ports: Available in BSP(F) and Clamp connections

Accessories: Adjustable Stroke Air Motors - Batch Counters

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