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  • Adjustable Stroke Air Motor

    Adjustable Stroke Air Motor

    Adjustable Stroke Air Motor The option of adjustable stroke lengths is available on all Kecol air motors, which enables the output per cycle of the pump to be adjusted. When used with the Kecol...

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  • And Anything Else?

    And Anything Else?

    Anything Else? We have been manufacturing the Kecol piston pump and priming systems for over 25 years. During this time we have designed and manufactured countless pieces of equipment specifically...

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  • Batch Counter

    Batch Counter

    Batch Counter The Kecol Batch Counter system allows pre-determined number of cycles to be completed and for the pump to automatically stop when this has been achieved. When use in conjunction with...

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  • Batch Weighing System

    Batch Weighing System

    Kecol has introduced a weighing control system for filling various containers accurately. The system comprises of a weighing platform linked to a controller, which in turn controls the pump. The...

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  • Drums


    Stainless Steel Drums Kecol offer a range of stainless steel drums for various applications. Drums are available in 304 stainless steel for chemical applications through to 316L stainless steel...

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  • Dual Control System

    Dual Control System

    Dual Control Console Where two priming units are being used in parallel, it is possible to link the units through a dual control console. The basic principle is that when the first unit has...

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  • Guard System

    Guard System

    Guard Systems Whilst the risk assessment shows Kecol equipment is low risk equipment, we do offer various guard systems for our Powerprime, Maxiprime and Megaprime units. The guards are...

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  • Level Sensor

    Level Sensor

    Liquid Level Sensor Kecol's ultra sonic level sensing system enables "high" and "Low" trigger points to be pre-set within a hopper, trough or other holding vessel. The system automatically starts...

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  • Lube Free Air Motor

    Lube Free Air Motor

    Lube Free Air Motor All Kecol air motors are now available in Lube or Oil Free versions. The air motors are suitable for use with un-lubricated compressed air systems, avoiding the problems...

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  • Measuring Cylinder

    Measuring Cylinder

    Measuring Cylinder The Kecol Measuring Cylinder is used in conjunction with a Kecol piston pump and delivers a pre-determined volume of product every time it is operated. Measuring Cylinders are...

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  • Mobile Trolley

    Mobile Trolley

    Vertical and Horizontal Pump Trolleys Kecol manufacture pump trolleys for both vertical and horizontal stubby piston pumps. The trolleys enable the pumps to be easily moved to various locations or...

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